Surreal Portrait Retouching With Kelly Robitaille

New trailer! Kelly Robitaille reveals her unique retouching workflow for creating surreal and whimsical portraits in Photoshop.

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Kelly Robitaille Bio

You know her from her unmistakeable retouching style and whimsical waif portraits. Meet your newest RGG EDU Instructor, Kelly Robitaille.

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Rob Grimm - 15 of 21 Photographer Insights

How do you price yourself? It's the age-old question every photographer asks and get asked. Hear what Rob Grimm has to say:

Rob Grimm - 14 of 21 Photographer Insights

Surrounding yourself with the right people can make a huge difference in the work that you do. Hear about the people who have made a difference in Rob Grimm's career as a photographer:

Surreal Portrait Retouching

You asked for it. We listened. Surreal Portrait Retouching with Kelly Robitaille is coming soon...

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Rob Grimm - 16 of 21 Photographer Insights

Should photographers ever work for free? Hear what Rob Grimm has to say:

Rob Grimm - 21 of 21 Photographer Insights

It's an age old question- what advice do you have for young or aspiring photographers? Hear what Rob Grimm has to say:

Janelle Folk BTS

See behind the scenes of this natural light food image by Janelle Folk, last weeks Community Assignment winner.

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Today at 1:30! Learn how to approach talent agencies, hire professional models, communicate with talent on set and much more.

Rob Grimm - 20 of 21 Photographer Insights

There are numerous ways to market yourself as a photographer. Some work, some don't. Find out what marketing techniques worked and didn't work for Rob Grimm:

Rob Grimm - 19 of 21 Photographer Insights

Should you show a print or digital portfolio? Hear what Rob Grimm has to say:

Rob Grimm - 18 of 21 Photographer Insights

Every photographer needs a website, but is your website effectively representing you as a photographer? Hear the common mistakes Rob Grimm sees on photographers websites:

Rob Grimm - 17 of 21 Photographer Insights

Is it important to specialize in one specific style or genre of photography? Hear what Rob Grimm thinks:

From Drab to Dramatic: How to Make Any Space Photo Worthy - Part II

Part II - Go behind the scenes with Kate Woodman on a recent photo shoot to see her lighting setup and how she makes any space photo-worthy:

Kate Woodman Location Styling

Watch this free section of The Science of Color as Kate Woodman discusses her approach to styling during a location shoot.

See the full tutorial:

RGG EDU (@rggedu) | Kate Woodman Photography & Retouching Kit

Want to see Kate Woodman's photography toolkit? Check out some of the gear she uses in the tutorial and sources of inspiration for her work:

Monochromatic Studio Shoot

Watch this free section of The Science of Color as Kate Woodman breaks down her lighting setup for a monochromatic look in studio.

See the full tutorial:

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Color Balance with Kate Woodman

The Science of Color is out Tuesday, April 24
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Kate Woodman Master Trailer

Take control and be objective with the color of your images. The Science of Color with Kate Woodman is out Tuesday, April 24.

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From Drab to Dramatic: How to Make Any Space Photo Worthy - Part I

Learn how Kate Woodman makes any space photo-worthy:

Kate's tutorial, The Science of Color is out April 24th.

Is Posting to Instagram Working for Free?

Interesting topic here. What are your thoughts?

"Is Instagram exploiting you, helping you, or both?"

Rob Grimm - 13 of 21 Photographer Insights

Should you ask a client about their budget? Hear what Rob Grimm has to say about working with clients budgets:

Rob Grimm - 12 of 21 Photographer Insights

Asking clients the right questions is crucial to properly bidding and planning shoots. Hear what questions Rob Grimm asks every client:

Fine Art vs. Commercial Photography with Michael Eastman and Rob Grimm

Rob and Michael talk about the differences between fine art and commercial photography from each of their respective camps.

Bro, do you even podcast? Episode 56 with Monte Isom is streaming on a smart phone near you: #podcast #photographypodcast

Kelly Robitaille's work is impossible to ignore. If you haven't seen it, visit her website now:

Kelly is in the studio with us this week and we want to know what questions you have for her.

Comment below with any questions for Kelly:

Rob Grimm - 11 of 21 Photographer Insights

Poor financial planning can cripple a business, especially in the photography industry. Hear Rob Grimm's advice on handling finances as a photographer:

Kate Woodman Bio

She was born in Germany, raised in Conneticut, and now resides in Portland. By training she's a structural preservation engineer. She became a photographer by accident. Meet the unconventional and infinitely talented, Kate Woodman:

The Science of Color - Out April 24

Rob Grimm - 10 of 21 Photographer Insights

There are a number of misconceptions about the commercial photography industry. Hear what Rob Grimm's biggest misconception was starting out in the business:

Rob Grimm - 8 of 21 Photographer Insights

Defining your style as an artist is incredibly difficult but very important. Hear how Rob Grimm found and developed his style as a commercial photographer:

Rob Grimm - 9 of 21 Photographer Insights

What's the difference between a good photographer and a GREAT photographer? The answer is in the details. Hear how Rob Grimm fine tunes the details and focuses on brand identity and brand messaging:

Retouching Needs A Revolution

Frequency Separation. Love it or hate it, we've all implemented the technique into our workflow at some point. Hear why industry veteran Rob Grimm sees a need for a retouching revolution:

Timeline Photos

“One of the most important concepts for any photographer to learn is Purpose of the Shot. What are the creative decisions and why are we making them?” @chrisknightphoto
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Kate Woodman The Science of Color Teaser

See and Understand Color Like Never Before.
Out April 24.

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Remove wrinkles from fabric in seconds while maintaining patterns, texture, and detail. Watch this free section from Advanced Texture Cleanup with Earth Oliver:

Rob Grimm - 7 of 21 Photographer Insights

Working as an assistant can help in learning and understanding the commercial photography business. Learn about Rob Grimm's experience starting out as an assistant and the benefits of assisting other photographers.