An outstanding light-painted image by last week's RGG EDU Community Assignment winner, Marie-France Twann. Read more about how she created the image:

Advanced Hair Retouching with Sef McCullough

"If you can mask hair, you can mask ANYTHING."

Advanced Hair Retouching with Sef McCullough out Tuesday, February 27!

Rob Grimm - 2 of 21 Photographer Insights

We each define success differently. Learn from Rob Grimm what makes a photographer successful today. How do you define success?

You all are absolutely killing it with the #RGGSPOTLIGHT hashtag. If you're not already, use this hashtag to have your work featured on RGG EDU social media.

Finding Your Vision

Rob Grimm sits down with Michael Eastman to discuss finding your vision.

Photos from RGG EDU's post

Who has questions for Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk? Post your questions in the comments.

Lightroom Classic CC 7.2 Gets A Speed Boost

Adobe promises significant speed boost for Lightroom with CC 7.2 update. Read more:

The RGG EDU Podcast by Gary Martin on Apple Podcasts

NEW PODCAST EPISODE | Gary & Rob sit down with director Colt Semen from Culprit Creative

Listen now:

Rob Grimm - 1 of 21 Photographer Insights

We all make mistakes, but are you learning from them? Learn about the mistakes Rob Grimm made early in his career. What mistakes have you made as a photographer?

Urban Chestnut Dark Stout | Free Excerpt

Want to learn how to photograph a glass of beer on white? Watch this section of our FREE beer tutorial:

Community Assignment Winner: Rizz Raza's Dani Diamond Retouching

RGG EDU Community Assignment winner, Rizz Raza on his winning submission and how he approached retouching Dani Diamond's image. Read more:

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Photos from RGG EDU's post

Check out this great retouching work by Rizz Raza on an image by RGG EDU instructor, Dani Diamond.

Rizz was last weeks Community Assignment winner in our private Facebook group. If you've purchased a tutorial but haven't joined the group, get in on the action!

Crush OVERHEAD SHOTS With This Rock Solid Camera Setup

The crankiest man in photography Tony Roslund is back! Check out why he doesn't use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to shoot tethered.

Introduction to Beer Photography & Retouching Tutorial | RGG EDU

Have you downloaded our FREE Beer Photography & Retouching tutorial yet?

Free Tutorial: Beer Photography & Retouching with Rob Grimm

Crack open a cold one and learn more about our first ever FREE tutorial on Beer Photography & Retouching:

Beer Photography With Rob Grimm

Our newest tutorial is FREE. Learn and master beer photography & retouching from Rob Grimm now. Over 25 videos and 8 hours of content to get you started and creating amazing beer images!

— Products shown: Beer Photography & Retouching With Rob Grimm | FREE TUTORIAL.

Composition with Michael Eastman

Discussing Composition with Michael Eastman

Locked, loaded, and ready to shoot a brand new tutorial with the amazing Kate Woodman next week!

Community Assignment Winner: Edward Boe's "Punk Rock P.I."

New blog posted about last week's community assignment winner, Edward Boe! Check it out:

Blake Jorgenson: The Cold Open—Coming soon | SmugMug Films

SmugMug has a new film coming out! YAAAAAY! Who's excited?

Check out this awesome beverage image by RGG EDU customer, Edward Boe. This was Edward's submission to one of our bi-weekly community assignments, which take place in our private RGG EDU Facebook group.

The group is exclusive to RGG EDU customers and instructors, and definitely one of the best perks of purchasing a tutorial. It's a great place to network with fellow photographers, get feedback on your work, ask questions, and much more. If you've purchased a tutorial from us but haven't joined the group yet come check it out!

Season 4 | The RGG EDU Podcast

The newest season of the RGG EDU Podcast with Gary & Rob is out now. This season is focused on filmmakers, producers, directors, DP's, and everyone in the filmmaking industry. Download over 14 interviews now. This season is made possible by Sekonic. Download the entire season here:

Ever wondered what a commercial beverage photographer's tool kit looks like? We put together Rob Grimm's entire kit for beverage photography and styling on -- Check it out:

— Products shown: Beverage Photography & Retouching with Rob Grimm.

H6D-400c MS

400MP, 2.4GB Files...what would you shoot?

Bio RGG EDU Instructor Rob Grimm

Have you ever wondered how Rob Grimm became the Shakespeare of Beer? Explore more here:

Sef McCullough (@sefmccullough) gear • Kit

Ever wonder what a high-end commercial retoucher like Sef McCullough's kit looks like? What gear he recommends on a budget? How about a list of books Sef references on color theory and Photoshop workflows?

Check out Sef's entire kit and more here:

2018 Hasselblad Masters Winners Announced

Our Photography Community Is Awesome | Best Of 2017

Our photography community crushed it last year! This video is for you! What are your goals for 2018? #rggedu

Testing SlingStudio Live, Unboxing Canon Cine Lenses, C100

Testing SlingStudio Live, Unboxing Canon Cine Lenses, C100

2017 RGG EDU Christmas Party

Thanks to all who made it out!

Par For The Course | 18th Hole

It's the last hole. Tim Tadder Photography tells us which trends in photography should end. #boyaa

— Products shown: Sports Photography And Retouching Tim Tadder.

Beverage Photography With Rob Grimm

Ready for Rob Grimms newest tutorial masterpiece? Learn to create appetite appeal with this 19 hour course on drink and beverage photography. Explore the tutorial here:

Par For The Course | 17th Hole

Want to know how much work comes from Tim Tadder Photographys agent? Do you get work from an agent?

— Products shown: Sports Photography And Retouching Tim Tadder.

The RGG EDU Holiday Friendmas Party

Ready to jingle while you mingle? The best way to spread holiday cheer is to come drink RGG EDU beer at our annual Friendmas Party, where anything might happen. We're opening the studio to our photography community, instructors, and local creatives. Swing by the studio for an open bar, photo booth, pool table, food from Shake Shack, great music from Franco, hair whips from Rob Grimm, ping pong tournament, free Xmas gift raffle, and door prizes! It is not required, but you are more likely to win prizes if you are dressed in an X-mas sweater!

Ping Pong tournament starts promtly at 06:00pm and you can signup at the door upon arrival. There will be a trophy for the winner. A BIG ASS TROPHY.

If you are coming in from out of town and would like a place to stay, please email We will be allowing a small number of RGG EDU community members to crash at the studio for free.

Beverage Photography Teaser

The long awaited Beverage Tutorial From Rob Grimm drops next Tuesday. 19 hours of drink styling, lighting, prep, and advanced retouching. Available December 12th at

Par For The Course | 16th Hole

Should photographers put watermarks on their images? See what Tim Tadder Photography thinks bout dat

— Products shown: Sports Photography And Retouching Tim Tadder.

We just launched a new giveaway and want to show you the new BENQ 27 inch 4K UHD monitor for photographers + have a Black Friday sneak peek. Details to enter at

We are giving away two brand new 27 inch 4K Monitors from BenQ specifically for photographers. It's tots free to enter and rather awesome to work on! Enter here:

In our next holiday giveaway, we've partnered with Think Tank Photo to hook up 10 photographers with this Retrospective shoulder Bag. It's time you won! Enter for free here:

Par For The Course | 14th Hole

What questions does Tim Tadder Photography ask when working with a new client?

— Products shown: Sports Photography And Retouching Tim Tadder.

Announcing the 10 Winners from the Moment Lens giveaway! We will be reaching out to all of you directly with info! There are more contests going on at

Announcing our 3 lucky winners from the Lens Distortions Master Photoshop Bundle giveaway. Details at

Last day to enter the giveaway for Lens Distortions Master PS Bundle! Check it out here:

Today we are launching yet ANOTHER giveaway for photographers with the sexiest and most well-built Filter System for any camera. Up your filter game with this kit from Wine Country Camera! Enter for free here:

Par For The Course | 14th Hole

Let's Burn Bridges! In episode 14 Tim Tadder Photography talks about burnt bridges.

— Products shown: Sports Photography And Retouching Tim Tadder.